11 Agustus 2014

Sambisari Temple

So i have this photo from my post on #makeupbyrethz, this photos taken on a cultural heritage area near my home. Yeaa.. how blessed! i live in yogyakarta so.. all area is cultural heritage haha..

Sambisari is a 9th-century Hindu temple located at Sambisari hamlet, Purwomartani village, Kalasan, Sleman regency, Yogyakarta, Indonesia. The temple was buried about five metres underground.[1] Parts of the original temple have been excavated. The temple is located about 8 km east of Yogyakarta near Adisucipto International Airport.
Based on the architecture style and ornaments of the building that resembles those on Prambanan, the findings of Hindu statues around the temple walls, and the lingga-yoni inside the main temple; historians concluded that Sambisari was a Shivaite Hindu temple built around first or second decade of 9th century (circa 812-838). This conclusion was supported by the findings of gold plate in vicinity engraved with letters that according to paleography was used in early 9th century ancient Java.[2]

According to Wanua Tengah inscription III dated 908 that contains the name of kings that ruled Mataram Kingdom, the temple was probably built during the reign of Rakai Garung (ruled 828-846). However, historians also consider that the construction of a temple was not always issued by a king. Lesser nobles might have also ordered and funded the construction. (wikipedia)

 Actually, we are doing this photo shoot for testing makeup for sonia graduation. But yea.. well.. i think i still have something to brighten up the colour..

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