02 Desember 2013

The Super Best Friend in Super Long Weekend

This is a very late post. On oct 12th 2013 me and my dear best friends enjoy the extended long weekend. I'm very blessed to have such a wonderful time with those great people whom never failed to make me feel loved no matter what.

Our First Destination is Ganjuran 

 Ganjuran is unique temple on north side of Bantul, a regencies of Special District of yogyakarta. The Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus (Gereja Hati Kudus Yesus) is a Roman Catholic church located in Ganjuran, Bantul, Java, Indonesia. It is also known as the Ganjuran Church, based on its location. It is the oldest church in its administrative regency.
The church was established on 16 April 1924 by the Schmutzer family, who owned a sugar factory in the area. From a total of 25 Catholics in the area in 1922, the congregation has expanded to 8,000 in 2011. The building has seen many modifications, including a reconstruction after the May 2006 Java earthquake. Much critical commentary has been made on its Javanese design, and the church continues to include Javanese culture in its liturgy. (source : wikipedia )

Our2nd Destination is Samas Beach

Samas  Beach is located in west side of parangtitis beach. One of our friend from medan, noerth sumatera, wanted to see parangtritis beach, but we lost in our way and accidentally arrive at samas beach, so we pretend it was parangtritis beach... until the local people welcoming us.. jejejeje.. 

so i appreciate the memories and i keep it so it can remind me that i still have great time in the past, so i don't focus on the bad ones..

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