22 Maret 2013

Cities i love to visit ( another wish list)

I am obsessed to different climate cities. as a tropic girl, i love sun and warm weather in my country.. Indonesia. I believe that almost all of people who lived in different part of earth, love our weather very much. haha..
But my dreams  is to traveling to 4 seasons countries, who had snows and autumn.. >_<
I want to just travel there and take some picture, feel the chill sensation of being in the different climate.

 First of all is Madrid, i wish i can go there in any season! i love the old buildings and all that i see in this pictures
Source : sangriasolysiesta
Source : miriadna

Source : kamonohashikamo
 Then its Santorini greece, well, nobody do not wants to go there. is the best of all, i event can sleep in the street there (if i cant afford  the cheapest hotel).

Source : Wikimedia
Source : traveltourholiday
Source : cntraveler
Then off course, like every girl, i want to visit Eiffel and all the famous destinations in the Paris

Eiffle Tower
Source : Flicr

Source : wallpaperscraft
Paris France
Source : world
At short, i want to travel all around Europe, but those three cities is the most.

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